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Real Estate & Asset Management

Vertical Launch enables critical financial and operational insight around the health of the real estate portfolio while working in tandem with the organization to deploy next generation technologies and data fabric to effectively manage complex assets through their lifecycle.  

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Enterprise Strategy & Advisory Services 

In today’s fast operational tempo, at times an organization’s real estate, facility, and asset management systems come out of sync in terms of delivering value to the end users and leadership. Our team’s rich understanding of the technological ecosystem can help drive financial improvement, operational process improvements, and workforce productivity gains memorialized into an easily understood, consumable roadmap linked to value creation. Establishing a technology modernization plan aligned to organizational objectives, stakeholder interests, and ROI are key outcomes of our methodology in documenting a strategic plan. 

  • Future-state visioning and business case analysis 

  • Software and technology acquisition support 

  • Program management services 

Predictive Portfolio & Infrastructure Analytics 

Assets in the commercial and public sector are meant to serve the organization’s purpose, mission, and strategic goals. Our practitioners can accelerate the synthesis of facility, asset, operational, workforce, and supply chain data into immersive financial models for executives. Our data-centered solutions quickly highlight cost avoidance and financial efficiency opportunities through simulation models. Our business intelligence (BI) framework then propagates the necessary and timely insight to facility managers and leadership. Our approach ultimately integrates the analytics value-chain from the operational and field-level to executives making C-Suite decisions around vital financial & capital investment, master planning, and sustainment activities. 

  • Budget simulation aligned to organizational goals 

  • Enterprise-level asset portfolio metrics and KPI’s 

  • Financial prediction on leased and owned assets 

  • Capital planning budget formulation 

  • Facility and asset utilization analysis 

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Digital Solutions Enablement  

As agnostic system integrator (SI) supporting the real estate / real-property organization, Vertical Launch serves as a strategic business partner to design, develop, and deploy user-centric applications with a key focus on financial and operational performance. Our seasoned solution architects can fuse a combination of commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS), Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), and custom applications to create the right future-state technology blueprint. Our Team can design and configure resilient Real Estate Management, Asset Management, or Integrated Workplace Managements Systems (IWMS) comprising of geospatial and business intelligence interfaces, “data from edge” using sensors, and business applications accessible through mobile devices. 

  • Formulation of functional and technical designs  

  • Implementation of best-in-class applications 

  • Custom development of real estate and asset management applications 

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