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Data on a Touch Pad

Data & Analytics

Our firm catalyzes your momentum to move disparate, siloed information into a future-state data intelligence platform yielding executive insight for leaders and operational velocity for stakeholders in the field.

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Data Advisory & Strategy

The rapid development of new technologies, business applications, and business intelligence (BI) solutions has compelled executive teams to assess their overall data strategy. Vertical Launch’s Data Analytics practice is postured to quickly assess your organization’s “as-is” data footprint to understand your respective operational and technical capability while examining improvement opportunities on the horizon.  We rapidly assess the total data context to optimize your analytics technology stack; integrate fractured data sets; evaluate your environment and prospective transition to the cloud; incorporate Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities; and create an innovation-driven roadmap for your data strategy and investments that is fit for purpose. 

  • Digital data and analytics roadmap 

  • Envisioning future technical data architecture 

  • Advanced analytics investment plan 

  • Retirement plan for outmoded legacy BI applications 

  • Post-production analyses & cultivation of lessons learned 

Data Platforms & Advanced Analytics

Vertical Launch is postured to transition your organization towards a more advanced operating model to enable fast and reliable decision-making.  We are agnostic to the landscape of data and analytics application vendors and would consult with your organization on the best fit to your technology framework and planned future state. With the right path forward selected, Vertical Launch’s delivery experts can design, configure, test, deploy, and sustain your envisioned solution framework.  Our firm is also able to serve as a third party, independent partner to stress-test your solutions, ensure you’re considering all the industry leading practices, and evaluate your readiness for a production deployment. 

  • Agile prototyping of future data concepts 

  • Establishing a resilient data architecture framework 

  • Full lifecycle advanced analytics technical implementations  

  • IV&V of on-going data solution projects 

  • Data project Go-Live readiness assessments 

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Financial Report

Data Governance & Master Data Management (MDM)

The growth of data and integration of artificial intelligence reinforce a focus on data quality and data governance.  Organizations are moving to distribute data ownership and roles and data roles and responsibilities to across the enterprise.  Therefore, a well-structured data governance model is vital to the long-term success of driving alignment to standards.  Structuring and maturing a well-built data architecture, information framework, and enabling MDM processes preserves the integrity of the use of the data and resulting analytics through proper definitions and ontology.    

  • Data governance strategy

  • Master Data Management advisory and technical implementations

  • Data quality assessment and technical implementations

  • Standard operating procedures, measurement, and training

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